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Elite Look Tanning

Rapid Tan Solution

Rapid Tan Solution

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Rapid Tanning Solution allows your client to shower within 1-3 hours and lasts up to 12-14 days. Profit margins on 1 gallon based on an average of 60$ per client range 1,960$.

This solution is also compatible with the Magic style booths and the Turbo Airbrush/HVLP: machines.  It contains 20% DHA and a medium or golden bronzer.  It contains a little more DHA than the 10.5% and is meant for all skin types. 
There are two tanning components to most of Elite Look Tanning Products' airbrush tanning solutions.  First, most of our solutions contain a bronzer, which is the initial color one see when they are being sprayed.  This color helps the sprayer see where they are spraying and gives the customer that instant gratification of looking tan as soon as they are sprayed,  There are two common bronzers used in ELT Products' solutions.  The first is a medium brown bronzer.  This bronzer produces a "golden tan" color when sprayed and is compatible with most peoples' skin tones.  The other bronzer is a dark brown color.  This color may appear too dark on some peoples' skin and is meant for use on people with dark or olive coloring. 
All ELT products have a coconut musk scent which your clients love plus leaves your room smelling better and not that pesky spray tan smell. 
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