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Kimber Newton Blair has established herself as a prominent figure in the beauty industry since 2003. With a cosmetology license obtained in 2009, Kimber possesses extensive expertise and is a respected leader in the fields of self-tanning and skincare. She successfully owned and operated tanning salons , she launched her own self-tanning line, Elite Look Tanning, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

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Our Products

Welcome to the world of Elite Look Tanning, where our exclusive range of products boasts a sugar-based solution designed to coax melanin forward, ensuring a rich, natural tan that's devoid of any undesirable orange tones. Say goodbye to the typical spray tan scent—our products feature a delightful coconut musk fragrance that leaves no trace of that pesky spray tan odor. Witness your radiant glow emerge right away, progressing over the next four hours. Revel in your Elite Look Tanning glow for an extended 7-10 days post-shower, or opt for our Rapid Tan solutions for an even more enduring sun-kissed radiance. Elevate your tanning experience with us and embrace a flawless, long-lasting tan that exudes natural beauty.