Before Your Spray Tan

​Shower, shave and exfoliate prior to spray. After shower do NOT put on any lotion, oils, or deodorant. Wear dark, loose clothing like a sundress or PJ’s but nothing tight or constricting on skin. You will be tan the minute after application and the tan will continue to process for 4 more hours but needs to sit for 8 before showering. 

After Your Spray Tan

Unlock the secret to a flawless, long-lasting tan with Elite Look Tanning's expert tips. Patience is key—refrain from judging your tan until after showering, waiting a recommended 8 hours for the full effect. Rapid Tan enthusiasts can accelerate the shower time to 3 hours, though waiting longer is advised for optimal results. During your shower, don't be alarmed if it appears to be coming off; it's just the film shedding. Gently cleanse with soap, and yes, shaving is A-OK. Maintain that sun-kissed softness by moisturizing daily, as you've only tanned the top layer of your skin, shedding cells every second. Elevate your glow with ELT Tan Extending Moisturizer for prolonged radiance.

Heading outdoors? Remember, always wear sunscreen to avoid any unwanted mishaps. Tans typically last 7-10 days, contingent on shower frequency, sweat, and shaving. For Rapid Tans, bask in a radiant tan for approximately 14 days, developing even after showering. Be mindful around pools, oceans, and sports bras, as they may expedite tan fading. For those palm mishaps, a touch of counter Clorox bleach works wonders. And for on-the-go touch-ups, indulge in the convenience of ELT Spray Tan In A Can—an easy application for a lasting glow, perfect for your jet-setting lifestyle.