Become A Consultant

Elite Look Tanning offers a unique way to add income to a new or existing business and even your home. By purchasing a starter kit, you will be provided with the tools needed to start a spray tan business and tools needed to create income instantly. The return on your invest is unheard of. Creator of Elite Look Tanning, Kimber Newton Blair, believes in being real and true to hard work and zero schemes or gimmicks. That is what will help you excel in this business. 

Upon purchasing a kit, you will become an Elite Look Tanning Consultant which means you still are able to owner/opererate your own spray tan business but able to purchase Elite Look Tanning products at a discount for resale. Elite Look Tanning also offers online support for questions and webinars for continuing education on products and methods for spray tanning. 

Airbrush tanning currently is not regulated nor requires a specific qualification or training so don’t let other competitors fool you with  expensive “certification” costs. Elite Look Tanning offers a unique kit that will get a business started at low cost with zero penalties and a huge return on your investment.