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Elite Look Tanning

Spray Tan Tent

Spray Tan Tent

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A unique and stylish pop up spray tan tent is an ideal addition to any mobile tanning service, fitting your needs for a convenient, space-saving spray tanning room. These tents quickly and neatly pop up in to shape, and just as quickly fold up for easy travel. Portable tanning technicians love utilizing a spray tan tent for their flexibility. Salon technicians appreciate how quickly they can create ample spray tanning space. They are equally useful at home, in a salon, or as a part of a mobile tanning business or hobby.

A Tanning Store spray tan booth is made from quality tough, resilient, stain resistant fabric and lightweight, strong spring steel. They keep their shape and last much better than cheap, look-alike knock-offs. A pop up spray tan booth is roomier and allows adequate space for technician and client alike to receive maximum benefit from the spray tanning session.


Spray tanning gun and tent may vary in style and color due to inventory demands. Photos of tent and guns may not be the exact model. 

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